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Home is Where the Heart-land Is: Rural Housing Solutions


Karen Michalski-Karney

How Blue Ridge ILC has begun to address housing for rural consumers.

Resources for housing solutions in rural areas.

More about how we as a movement can continue to address housing for people with disabilities. 




State of Rural Housing


Bob Williams

Unpacking these complicated issues surrounding housing and move forward as a community towards solution focused thinking.  Although our focus is housing in rural areas, we acknowledge that these issues are not isolated to rural and so we welcome everyone to participate in the conversation.  We discussed: Themes for future discussions and trainings, emerging practices, and success stories from the field, beginning a framework for working together as a community to address housing as a barrier. 




Fair Housing Act Training


Dylan Richardson

Don Dew

Moving out may look easy, but there’s a lot you need ot know before you look for a place of your own. 

Learn the terminology needed to understand before you move out.

Your relationship with your landlord.

Making your home usable for you.

Managing landlor/tenant conflict.

What to find affordable housing.


Advocating for Basic Home Access


Dot Nary, Darren Larson

Discover new ways to address rural housing issues and how they can be used by transitioning consumers and to increase community participation.

Hear what studies say about how “invisitable” homes contribute to social isolation and how “vistable” homes contribute to meaningful relationships, healthy communities, and greater participation. 

Learn how to develop your own housing task force to advocate for visitability.

Learn how to use the research to engage stakeholders and begin creating “visitable” housing in your area. 

Discover how a recent study is documenting the far-reaching and negative effects of invisitable homes on the lives of people with mobility-related disabilities. 



Rural Housing Solutions


Jeff Hughes, Debie Fidler, Pam Pulchny, Craig, Henning



APRIL Annual Conference

Moving’ Out? Thinking About Getting a Place of My Own


Rebecca Williams, Rene Cummins

Thinking about getting your own place but confused about how to go about it? Knowing your rights and responsibilities will guide you through this process. From applying for a loan to buy a home, to completing apartment applications, to moving in, to paying rent the Fair Housing Act protects people with disabilities. During this interactive workshop you will learn the many ways the Fair Housing Act protects you and how other civil rights laws apply. Your understanding of the Fair Housing Act will move you along in search for a place of your own.




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