Independent Living Resources

University of Montana Research and Training Center on Disabilities in Rural Communities

Kansas University Research and Training on Independent Living


Transportation Resources 

Current State of Transportation for People with Disabilities.  A 220 page report from NCD published in 2005.


The Federal Interagency Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility. Summarizes the United We Ride program and provides many tools for coordination.


An excellent report on the status of senior transportation and recommendations.


Making Transportation Work for People with Disabilities in Rural America - A how-to manual in organizing and operating a voucher model.


Tribal Transportation: Barriers and Solutions


Rural Transportation - A fact sheet that outlines national patterns


Inequities in Rural Transportation - A basic fact sheet on the allocation of transit  funds between urban and rural areas before the recent Act.


Websites with many resources for transportation advocacy:


Rural Institute Transportation Page


 Easter Seals Project Action Rural Transportation Page