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April 10. 2011


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - Accommodating Consumers and Staff with MCS  


Ann McCampbell, MD – Chair, MCS Task Force of New Mexico 

Mary Lamielle - Executive Director, National Center for Environmental Health Strategies (NCEHS)  

Darrell Jones – Program Coordinator, ILRU 


Join us to:  

  • Learn more about Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and some of the problem substances that can either cause or aggravate this condition.  
  • Hear about existing and proposed federal policies and programs that promote healthier indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and provide for accommodations in housing as well as in the workplace and public accommodations.  
  • Learn about alternative ways to interact and communicate with people who have MCS. 
  • Get tips and practical advice on how to make your CIL more accessible to staff and consumers who have MCS. 
  • Gain awareness and learn about your personal risk of developing MCS.

Power Point to be used during M. Lamielle presentation:

Chemical Sensitivities:  Select Federal Policies  Programs  and Practices & Access and Accommodations in Housing and the Workplace  August 10  2011 Power Point 


Documents for Presentation:

Access Barriers Poor IAQ and Pesticides August 10  2011

CDC Fragrance Free Policy pp. 9-10

Create an Interagency Committee on Chemical Sensitivities Intolerances

Creating An Accessible Indoor Environment

Designing & Maintaining Healthier Housing

FEMA Proposal Proposed Fragrance Free Policy January 12  2011

Handouts for IL Presentation August 10  2011

IPM in Multifamily Housing Training Chapter 3, Slide 18

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the Workplace Handout 2002  Edition

NCEHS Planning an Accessible Meeting  011009

Recommendation for NIEHS Website Millions of Americans experience severe and debilitating multi

Research Recommendations Chemical Sensitivities Intolerances Addressing Public Health and Chemical Exposures An Action AgendaJune 2011

Responding to Chemical Sensitivity in the Workplace 2005


Additional Resources: Understanding & Accommodating People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living  and do a search for MCS

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