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APRIL T-shirt Outlines-01Independent Living on Tulsa Time conference photos
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Handouts from Paula McElwee’s workshop entitled, “Meeting the Regs for Federal Money: A Self Evaluation” at the APRIL Conference in Tulsa.

Power Point file Management Checkup: http://www.april-rural.org/images/stories/2013/conference/Management%20Checkup%20APRIL.pptx

Health of a CIL Word File http://www.april-rural.org/images/stories/2013/conference/Word_version_APRIL_Health_of_CIL.docx

Training Archives are webcast:


Kansas City Photos - Page 4

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Youth pre-con captivated attention Man with laptop computer 2 ladies listening to speaker Large group photo form above as people are fixing food 3 people behind a table
man speaking into a microphone Lady with dark glasses 2 ladies in mobilty chairs 2 ladies laughing about a comment 2 ladies focused on sharing a point
5 people behind a table lady in striped blouse lady with laptop speaking to a group of people large group main session man and two ladies speaking to a group
lady and guide dog playing a piano lady in witch costume with a spider lady focused on sharing a needed point and holding a microphone lady in pink dress lady with white cane standing over a man sitting in front of her.
Lady in purple queen costume form Sleeping Beauty lady with white scarf lady with bright floral dress holding stack of papers lady resting while leaning against a wall  

Kansas City Photos - Page 3

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two men discussing conference with a cup of coffee Alexandra addresses transportation group group at the front of a workshop Women holding microphone for a man to speak into Visitability is the name of game
Man in a white shirt Man with glasses reading items three people focused on a workshop discussion Mustard and Ketsup (long day) Lady adjusting microphone
Big Clown Man dress as a vampire Lady with Happy New Year Crown Lady in white with a big smile Man and Woman together.
Man with Microphone Profile of a lady with the microphone Man with his arm reached forward and talking to the group Young man and a young lady Lady taking a piece of paper from a man
Linda and Betty (good friends) Man and woman on stage Same man and woman she is presenting an award Man is accepting the award Man and woman are shaking hands

Kansas City Photos Page 2

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Youth break a little ice! two people looking at a beachball Work shop group listening Young man at trhe exhibits Youth play an “interdependence” game
Pride Mobility booth people at the exhibits 4 people in discussion 8 advocactes at a table Workshop group in discussion
Pseron in mobility chair discussing workshop with 4 others 4 ladies and 1 man Chow time! lady and man at the microphone Cross photo of group at workshop
4 people at the front discussion table Billy singing Evelyn gathers ideas from the audience lady and man with man sharing into mic Group gets into session
Lady has a thought to share with the group 2 men at the exhibits and Exhibitor is sharing the peace sign with photographer Youth play an “interdependence” game Man in standup chair Youth play an “interdependence” game


Kansas City Photos Page 1

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Man in chair and lady in a discussion lady speaking into a microphone Man sharing a comment at a session Two young people in costume Local band plays tunes at the banquet
group at dinner table group eating Linda Gonzales receives Earl Walden Award from Betty Walden Billy announces Linda Gonzales Award winner Corey McGregor, LGA Award winner
Linda gives award to Corey Hands up in a group discussion Lady with a prize two ladies with smiles man and lady
mustard drawing prizes Mustard with a lady Two ladies focused on their work Youth sharing at the microphone Bob Michaels graciously returns raffle prize to APRIL
Registration time People in line to register Two men in chairs having a discussion Paperwork to get regfistered Workshop group with ball in the air

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