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Upcoming Events

September 13th  5:00pm EST

Youth Steering Committee


September 15th 1:00pm EST

Rural Conversation Community


September 27th 5:00pm EST

Youth Steering Committee


October 6th 4:00pm EST

Advocacy Committee


October 7th 3:00pm EST

SILC Speak


October 16, 18-23 4:00pm EST

APRIL Virtual Youth Conference


October 18-22

APRIL Virtual Conference


November 3rd 4:00pm EST

Advocacy Committee


November 4th 3:00pm EST

SILC Speak


November 22nd 5:00pm EST

Youth Steering Committee


December 1st 4:00pm EST

Advocacy Committee


December 2nd 3:00pm EST

SILC Speak


December 7th 2:00pm EST

Youth Coordinators Connect



YSC Executive Elections


December 20-31-APRIL Office Closed

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Phone: 501-753-3400